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Little Hawks Preschool
at Lake Howell High School

Welcome to Little Hawks, where big kids and little kids learn and play together!


Little Hawks Preschool is located at Lake Howell High School and our teachers are smart, caring and energetic teens who love working with children! Our director is Early Childhood Education specialist, Ms. Legler. 

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Our Hours and Fee's 


Preschool Hours 


Monday- Friday with the exception of Wednesdays 


7:30 am- 12 noon


$90.00 Per Month for 7 months


$50.00 One time Registration/ Supply Fee per family 


Preschool year runs from October through May 1st. 


All materials included

Fun enriching projects and arts only a "high school" setting can provide! 



Little Hawks Preschool is a Fun Place to Play and Learn


 Little Hawks Preschool brings the sights and sounds of preschoolers and high school students learning, working, playing and singing together. It's a program like no other in that the ratio of child to teacher is at least one to one. High school students work together to play insightful, fun and active learning games. The preschool classroom is equipped with fun and engaging materials such as a sand/rice table, art easels, blocks, books, water table and so much more! We also have a large outdoor area to run and play! Our outdoor equipment includes balls, basketball hoops, shiny red tricycles, parachutes, sidewalk chalk, sand, and much more. The best part is the one on one interaction of the high school students with the preschool students! They have undivided attention when learning how to write their name, count,  catch a ball or play hopscotch. The preschoolers love playing and learning with the "big kids"! 

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